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Succulents A thru M

Aeonium arboreum atropurpreum
This colorful variety turns dark purple in full sun but stays green with only reddish edges if grown in partly shaded areas. Mature plants form large bushes.
Aeonium arboreum 'Schwartzkopf'
This slower growing, more singular species keeps it's dark purple coloring even in the areas with more shade!� Note the yellow pyramid of flowers on the�center rosette.
Aeonium urbicum
A branching variety with green rosettes and large white pyramids of flowers. This type dies back after flowering.
Agave americana
The standard form of this species makes huge landscape plants. The rosettes can grow to 8 feet wide and 6 feet tall in a 25 to 30 year lifespan! The�one pictured here is�about one year old.�
Agave americana
The same species at 26 years! This agave may bloom soon and then die, leaving behind many seedlings from the bloom. This process can take many months from the time it puts up a blossom spike.�
Agave americana marginata
A variegated type of the standard americana, this species has either white or yellow leaf margins.
Agave americana mediopicta
Not as common as the first two varieties, this form has yellow or white bands down the middle of the leaves of the rosette. The variegated�types grow only about two thirds as big as the standard form.
Agave angustifolia
Agave tequiliana
Aloe aristata
Aloe brevifolia
Aloe distans
Aloe lunearifolia
Aloe ramosissama
Aloe sp.
A. Walmsley's Blue
A. Walmsley's Bronze
Cereus sp
Cereus uruguayanus
Ceropegia stapeliiformis
Crassula muscosa monstrose
Crassula (variegated jade)
Crassula (white jade)
Crassula arborescens
Crassula falcata
Crassula tetragona
Echeveria black prince
Echeveria chihuaensis
Echeveria fibriata
Echeveria flower
Echeveria pumila
Echeveria runoyonii
Echeveria setosa
Echeveria sp
Echeveria subrigida
Echinocereus sp 1
Echinocereus sp2
Echinopsis (easter lily)
Euphorbia lactea
Euphorbia millii
Graptopetalum sp
Graptopetalum (white flower)
Graptopetalum (yellow flower)
gymnocalcyium flower
Hoya Carnosa
Hoya compacta
Hoya pubicalyx
Hoya sp
Hoya sp
Hoya sp
Kalanchoe tomentosa
Kalanchoe (panda toe)
Kalanchoe (silver)
Mammaillaria bombycina
Mammaillaria 2 varieties
Mammaillaria varieties
Mammaillaria bocasana v. rubiflora

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