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Now Blooming

Current flowers

This page will show you what you can see now in flower at our nursery. We will try to�renew these pictures every�few days�to keep you updated on our beautiful blossoms.


The many, many varieties of Echeveria will ensure that some type of blooms will be happening most of the time. Summer is the time for the most prolific flowering.

These beautiful blossoms appear on both the spiny and the more friendly version of this species!

Most of these pincushion cacti bloom readily. Even when very young, the majority bear rings�of beautiful flowers around the crown in spring or early summer, with a second and sometimes third flush of blooms in the later summer

This large genus of tropical vines occurs from India to Australia. It requires warmth and bright indirect light.�The sweet or musky smelling flowers range from white, to pink, to dark purple.�


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