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Epiphyllum oxypetalum - White with Redish Outer Petals
This orchid cactus comes from Central America. In it's native habitat, Epiphyllum grows as an epiphyte in the branches of trees. True Epiphyllum are sweet-smelling and flower in cream-color or white, sometimes with reddish or yellowish hues.
Epiphyllum strictum
This pure white, true epiphyllum´┐Żblooms at dusk and has a light spicy scent.
Epiphyllum Hybrids -Red With Bright Pink Outer Petals
Since 1824, Epyphyllums have been crossed with various species of Cereus, Nopalxochia, and Rhipsalis to create splendid bloomers of many colors, several of which are shown on this page.
More Colors - Pure Orange
On mature plants the colorful flowers can reach 9 - 12 inches across !
Yellow With Red Outer Petals
Bright Coral
Epiphyllum fruit
Epiphylum fruit
Care of Epiphyllums - Pale Pink
This genus cannot tolerate full sun. It should be brought outdoors in the summer but placed only in shade or filtered sunlight.
Some stems grow upright, while some bend and hang down, so they can also be attractive hanging plants. Older stems on some varieties can grow to be 10 feet long.

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